Global Experience in Commerce

Delivering projects in bar & nightclub industry, and retail solutions throughout Asia Pacific, India and Oceania.

Retail Solutions for Home & Business

Retail and Online sales for appliances for beverage preparation as smoothie, cocktails, beer, wine and food prep, for better homes, business and better life through a dedicated online experience.

Professional Bar Circuits Deployment

Engineering facilities for leading professionals in bar and nightclub industry meeting a rigorous operational demanding environment.

Production of Advanced Curvette Bars

Weatherproof, professionally equipped home bars for premier cocktail and wine gatherings, assembled and designed by Barsmithe. Custom equipment from US and Europe factory.

Authorized Blendtec Distributor Since 2004 in India

Providing the subcontinent with famous and in-demand Blendtec blenders for home and commercial via Hilknightly including after sales service and warranty.

Benneta Barscope

Customized and Tailored Bar-Circuits for Nightlife, Entertainment and Hotel Projects from Design to Deploy using state of art elaborated facilities.

Kitchen Wine & Bar

Retailing of niche and high quality commercial and home appliances in beverage and bar only for 220 Volts, delivered till door.

Curvette Portable Bars

Pre-engineered advanced portable (dry or chilled) bars with professional bar equipment integrated; the bars have modular design and finishing of Du Pont Corian as standard feature.

Blendtec India

Blendtec in India is sold via our retail arm Hilknightly, and through Benneta for home and commercial since 2004 as master channel partner.

Preview Showcase

These are the venues where Benneta Bar-Circuits are installed. Click to reach.


Mederata B&H operates retailing brands in home and commercial appliances focusing on beverages including alcoholic, non-alcoholic and health driven smoothie preparation. Our project division lead by Benneta design engineers and deploys all size of bar-circuits for nightclubs and lounges in India, Asia Pacific and Oceania. For more information visit the particular websites. We are pleased to welcome you to our corporate website.

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