MEDERATA Organization

Designbuild Custom Bars

Professional bar counters, beverage equipment and facility designing.

Curvette Cocktail Lounge Bars

Curvette Bars, The Ultimate in Readymade Professional Bars for Private Use.

Online Retail Store, Benneta Goodlife

Online retail of premium international brand appliance and beverage products.

Benneta Commercial Equipment

Bar, Wine and Beverageware Catalogue for Commercial and Personal Use.

Global Business - Hilknightly Barsmithe

A Global business center estb in international free trade zone from Singapore.

Innovating Method - in bar and beverage solutions.

Designbuild Bars

Engineered Bar Projects nationally in India. Now also in Asia Pacific.

Readymade Bars

Plug n Play Integrated Bar Units, seamless design without a match anywhere.

Home Solutions Store

Home, Health and Life Solutions is Goodlife. Online shopping experience.

Bar & Wine Equipment

The largest Bar & Wine Catalogue meeting every category of equipment and technologies readily available to order with prices.
Mederata Organization since 1996 owns companies servicing hospitality, lifestyle and retail industries. Our specialization and success is in luxury bar concepts and a powerful distribution system of international brands in bar and nightclub industry.